It’s safe to say that February 2022 has been packed with updated travel rules (in a great way). After the spread of the Omicron variant, and subsequently us adapting to it, consumer confidence has been restored. Not only has consumer confidence begun to increase, but industry confidence too. Many destinations have set out plans, goals, and dates throughout February and in the months to follow and will be relaxing their travel rules more than they have been across the entire 2 years passed.  

From EU countries following a similar plan to reopen, to Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, and more. All these destinations have set out their reintroduction to travel. This is all fantastic news, with confidence in travel beginning to grow again and our better knowledge of our own situation, 2022 has opened the door to more travel.  

With all these destinations allowing in travellers from around the world, it can also feel a little confusing or overwhelming for travellers. Whether you’ve booked a holiday, had a holiday delayed since 2020, or you’re just thinking about booking, the flow of travel news and travel rules as we emerge back into a world where travel is readily accessible is a lot.  

Whether you try your best to keep up to date on all travel changes, you just check for your destination, or you have no idea what’s going on with travel rules at the moment, there are a few sure-fire ways to keep updated.  

Staying updated is important, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Whatever kind of traveller you are, staying up to date on travel rules during Covid can just be a habit of booking and doesn’t need to stop the excitement of a good holiday. So here are a few of the key ways to keep updated with the travel rules in 2022.  

The Government’s Foreign Travel Advice Page

If you’re a UK traveller and you’re looking for the latest updates on travel rules for your chosen destination, the Foreign Travel Advice page will give you everything you need to know.  

This is where all travel updates affecting your entry to the destinations will go live as they come out. This means that whatever destination you’re travelling to as a UK citizen, you know exactly what you need to prepare ahead of time just from a look on the government website.  

This includes entry requirements, recommendations for travel, and links to sources from the destination on in-depth details you may need. From whether you need a PCR test, to how much time you need to be left on your passport, and any warnings of natural occurrences or political unrest to note (if you’re unsure how to check the expiration period on your passport for your destination, you can also check out our article).  

This could affect your trip as there may be things you need to do beforehand like booking tests, or, if there’s FCDO advice against travel to a country, this may affect your travel insurance (you can find out more about finding good travel insurance for you in our article).  

Using Government pages will also help assure you that the information you’re looking at is reliable and up to date, so you don’t have to worry about ensuring you’re following the most current travel rules for your destination.  

Book with an Expert Travel Agent

If you’re uncertain about checking reliable sources or up-to-date sources for travel rules on your own, this is where a great travel agent can come in. When you book with a good travel agent, you’re booking with an expert that is always keeping up to date with the industry, especially surrounding the destinations their business focuses on.  

A good travel agent isn’t just there to deal with all the financial details and find the package for you (though they’re fantastic at that too), they’re a great point of travel knowledge and advice. Whatever your query, a good travel agent will be able to help you out with anything relevant to your booking, from financial protection like PTS and ATOL to when you can check in to your hotel.  

So, if you’re uncertain about the travel rules for your destination or when you’re coming home, or you just want to confirm something you’ve seen surrounding travel rules, don’t be shy, your travel agent is always just a phone call away, and there to help with your holiday.  

From the moment you book to the time you arrive back home; a good travel agent is at your disposal so that you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind, and they can deal with the rest.  

Plus, if you book with a Protected Trust Services (PTS) member then you can relax knowing that you’re booking with a travel agent providing 100% financial protection, and they’re a travel agent that we trust (find out more about why you should book with a PTS member in our article). 

Stay Updated with Protected Trust Services’ (PTS) Travel Advice

Consumer protection is our top priority at PTS, and this doesn’t just extend to providing complete financial protection or supporting travel businesses that we trust. Our team is made up of travel experts always keeping an eye on the industry so that we can help our members create the best experience for you.  

So, if you’ve got a travel query and need some advice, don’t forget to visit our Travel Advice page and check out our articles to learn more about how you can get the best experience from your holiday. Whether you’re unsure how the Package Travel Regulations protect your holiday, or you’d like some help choosing your next great destination.  

And if you’re looking forward to booking your next fantastic holiday, don’t wait, get in touch with a travel business registered with PTS now for 100% financial protection through trust. Or, if you’d like assistance choosing one of the lovely PTS members to book with, you can contact PTS directly at 0207 190 9988. 

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