At PTS, we pride ourselves on providing the best consumer protection and supporting some excellent travel companies. All of them experts in their fields and built upon a sturdy foundation of trust we provide, there are rarely any major issues for our consumers.

However, sometimes things go wrong and in those cases we and our members ensure that you have the best solutions in place so you can return to your holiday with minimal time wasted and no stress.

In saying that, it may not always be clear to consumers exactly what to do when they need to get in contact to find resolution. In this case, there are a few key steps you can follow to ensure your query can be dealt with efficiently and you can return to your holiday.

What Protection Do PTS Members Provide?

What Protection Do PTS Members Provide?

Consumer protection is a top priority for us and all our members. Making sure you can go on your holiday and not have to worry is vital to making the most out of the experience. Because of that, we provide protection through our members in several different ways.

The methods PTS and our members use will protect the consumer financially and legally throughout your holiday – from booking point to your return date.

All PTS members must abide by the Package Travel Regulations and treat all consumers in a fit and reasonable manner.

PTS and all PTS members pride themselves on excellence. We shall work with you to ensure that you find a resolution and you have a fantastic holiday.

In The Case That I Have A Query, Who Do I Contact?

Who Do I Contact With Any Queries?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it’s important that you go through the right channels when you do need a resolution to something. No matter what has happened, it is best to follow these steps in order to find a solution efficiently.

Contact Your Travel Business

For most concerns consumers have, this is the only step you’ll need to follow. All of our PTS members are experienced, passionate, and dedicated teams or individuals that can solve whatever issue you’re having pretty quickly on their own.

Whether you’re having an issue with a supplier booking, you need some information, or there’s something that’s just been nagging you about your booking, your PTS member will be there once you’ve made that booking to support you until you’re home again.

So, first and foremost, we urge that you get in contact with your PTS member and 9.9 times out of 10, they can fix the problem and get your holiday back on track.

Contact PTS Directly

In the rare case that your PTS member can’t help you, we at PTS are always here to help. Whether it’s a situation they haven’t experienced before and they’re unsure how to help, it’s a matter of misunderstanding, or something else, if your PTS member can’t resolve it, our friendly team can assist.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you think you need to contact PTS directly about a query:

We will need confirmation that you have done all you can to resolve it with your PTS member first.
We cannot help you if your travel business is not a PTS member.
We consider this a last resort option, and we thoroughly encourage you to communicate with your travel business first and foremost. It is very rarely we’ve needed to assist our members with a consumer query, and it’s important to us that our members can provide to you the most stress-free process possible.

To ensure you are booking with a PTS member, you can look on their website for the PTS logo and their PTS number, or you can call PTS at 0207 190 9988 to confirm with us if your travel company is a PTS member.

You can also find out more about your consumer protection on our page or visit our blog for articles on how we protect you on holiday.

*Please keep in mind that the PTS team cannot help you if you have not tried to solve any issue or query with your PTS member first. Contacting PTS directly should never be your first option. 

Start Your Resolution Process

If you have a problem with your holiday booking and you have tried to resolve it with your travel business first, contacting PTS directly and talking to one of our helpful staff is the next step you should take to resolution.

Using the contact form below, you can get in touch with our staff to resolve the issue and we will be able to work in tandem with your PTS member to give you peace of mind.

We highly encourage you to resolve any issues directly with your PTS member, who will be able to help with most problems.

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