Travel Aware

Travel Aware are a UK government campaign run by the FCDO to promote the awareness of safety practice in travel and to give advice on how to react to these measures of safety.

What Does Travel Aware Do?

The main aim of the Travel Aware campaign is to diminish the number of easily manageable problems for British travellers going abroad, by raising awareness of the possible dangers wherever you choose to go abroad.

They offer advice and helpful tips to cover your entire journey from start to finish and keep British Nationals up to date on the possible risks in international travel, however big or small.

A lot of simple problems that travellers come across abroad are preventable and only need to be approached with precautions and preparations in place. Travel Aware ensures the consumer can do that.

Why Was Travel Aware Created?

Travel Advice was created as an easy-access portal to all UK governmental travel advice. It makes national safety quick and simple to find and investigate for the travel consumer and helps prevent problems in travel.

To investigate Travel Aware and browse their travel advice, or get advice and tips for specific destinations and trips you are planning, visit

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