At Protected Trust Services (PTS), we and our members are dedicated to providing the best financial protection for consumers. Whether you’re booking a staycation in the UK or going abroad for a family holiday to a European or Global destination, all consumers booking with a PTS member are equally financially protected from the moment they book with their travel company, to the moment they arrive home.

All PTS Members Are Package Travel Regulations Compliant

Package Travel Regulations Compliant

Our first step to ensuring that you have the best financial protection for your booking is how we select our members. PTS members must have experience within the travel industry and supply an excellent business proposal to prove professional acumen before they are accepted as a PTS member. This is to ensure that their business is the best of the best, that we can trust them, so you can too.

The PTS Trust Account Solution

Trust Account Solution

No matter what you’re booking or which member with, all monies that consumers pay to a PTS member are secure and protected under the PTS trust account.

This means that from the moment you book, your monies are separated and protected unless to pay for your holiday and your holiday alone. With this, our members use the PTS software system alongside our great team to keep track of all monies going in and out of the trust account. We reconcile daily, so that all monies are completely traceable, and this gives consumer’s peace of mind.

Our expert members are all dedicated to providing excellent holidays with fantastic protection and ensure their clients are assured with the best financial protection across the UK travel industry. Whenever you’re ready to book your next holiday, don’t forget to ask your agent if they are a member of PTS to ensure your security and peace of mind.

And if you’d like to learn more about the ways we protect you while you’re on holiday, don’t forget to check out our articles and updates.

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