Elman Wall Travel Accountants

Independent trustees stand at the very core of what makes the PTS trust account system so secure. Using third-party trustees ensures that the monies aren’t directly accessible to anyone involved in the trust account, that includes PTS members and PTS itself alike.

Ensuring the monies are being cared for efficiently and safely by the independent trustees allows the system to flow swiftly and without hitch, allowing PTS members to thrive and run their travel business to the highest quality and provide excellent holidays.

For this, we at PTS have appointed the Xeinadin Group, Elman Wall as our independent Trustees. A leading travel industry specialist firm of chartered accountants dedicated to helping great businesses like our members thrive, Elman Wall help us provide the secure and trusted financial protection that our members and their consumers experience when booking with a PTS member.

Having separate, third-party trustees next to our independent trust account is a vital part of the system at PTS. It allows not only the consumers to put their trust in our members, but it allows our members to put their trust in PTS to protect their consumers and their business alike. Creating a secure network of funds means you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind, and the PTS members can create wonderful experiences that will make you want to book with them again and again.

So, when you’re ready to book your next holiday, don’t forget to look out for the PTS logo and unique business number on a travel business’ website, you can also use the PTS member search to search our system, or contact PTS directly at 0207 190 9988.

And if you’d like to learn more about how PTS protects you when you book with our trusted members, don’t forget to check out our Articles and Updates.

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