Financial Protection Commitment

Protected Trust Services are 100% committed to ensuring consumer monies are traceable and secure.

Furthermore, PTS only welcomes experienced travel professionals and travel agents to ensure excellent customer care. At PTS we believe that travel professionals should be just that, professionals.

We are proud to say that all PTS members excel in their travel industry knowledge and business acumen resulting in their travel businesses thriving.

PTS commits to working alongside all our members to ensure that consumer monies are 100% secure, whether through trust, insurance, ATOL – or a mix of all three.

With our travel trust account system designed for complete financial protection for our members’ consumers, we have the ability through track-and-trace and our commitment to daily reconciliation to ensure your monies are exactly where they’re supposed to be, down to each individual booking and every penny paid.

This is a transparent service, so whether you just want to know where your money is, or you have a concern or query, all you need to do is get in touch with your PTS member to find out exactly where your monies are within our system. All monies that are released from the trust account by our independent trustees are insured and only go towards paying for your holiday, so you can travel with complete peace of mind.

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