Though the travel industry is deep in its latest evolution, travel agent businesses are still seeing a consistent rise in customers. While some of that is due to an increase in travellers, that’s not entirely the case. Many travellers just like you are now turning to a friendly travel agent for security. Whether it is to ensure their holiday is actually the one they’ve dreamed of, to ensure anything that goes a little funky doesn’t stay that way for long, or perhaps just to keep their money safe, the travel agent has become a powerful booking tool for many.

Booking with a travel agent has always provided advantages for travellers. Be it financial protection, expert advice, ease of booking, or tailored trips. Now, however, booking with a travel agent is even more popular than before.

The pandemic could be blamed (we have certainly cited it before), but awareness of protection in travel has been steadily building over the course of the past couple decades. We at Protected Trust Services (PTS) have noticed a greater awareness building over the entire course of our lifespan (teenage PTS is super vigilant about these things). In 2024, the need for security is well known, and that’s where we can help. There are many reasons you may choose one, but here are our 5 favourites:

1. Travel Agent Expertise

You may want to sit down for this, we’re starting off with a shock. Travel agents are experts on travel. That may seem a little far-fetched, but it’s the truth. Many travellers flock to travel agents for their knowledge and booking skills alone.

A good travel agent can get discounts you may never see alone. They can collate packages from suppliers you’ve never heard of. Plus, they can take your dreamy description of the perfect holiday and find the reality that fits you best. How great is that?

Travel agents do come with other benefits like financial security, and PTS members are the biggest advocates for that, but let’s be honest, the top reason you should be looking for a travel agent, is that they will make every second of your next holiday worth every penny and more.

2. It’s Easier

For the less whimsical of you, or those that don’t find any joy in the process of booking, this one is important. The great thing about a travel agent, is that you can tell them exactly what you do or do not want, and they will sort the rest out. All you have to do is be dazzled by their selection, and pay. That’s it!

Some travellers enjoy the research and hyping themselves up, and even then, travel agents can help. If you want a more hands-on approach, you definitely can (travel agents are people people who love travel, you’ll get along brilliantly!).

Either way, a travel agent will be easier for all the little bits that you don’t want to think about. Legal things, financial things, admin things, they will make sure you are all set for a holiday without any of the faff.

3. It’s Cheaper Overall

This one may come as a little bit of a surprise considering you do have to pay for the travel agent. But, overall, paying a travel agent can get you a cheaper holiday. Even if your agent recommends travel insurance (for the thrill-seekers among you). With the discounts they may have, the expertise to avoid any awkward situations, and the financial protection of a PTS member, you could be looking at less money spent overall.

Pretty exciting, right?

Plus, when you are prepared for any situation by your expert travel agent, you could avoid extra costs on holiday that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

4. A Travel Companion for Life

Picture this, you find the perfect travel agent. You find an expert that arranges your dream holiday at an affordable price, with great protection. You’re going to want to hold on to that.

When you find a great travel agent for you, especially a bespoke agent, you could be set for life. Every time you want to book a holiday, you have a go-to expert that can secure you exactly what you want, within your budget.

Remember when we mentioned that travel agents love people? That applies here too. With a trusted expert you can return to again and again, the process of booking will only get easier and more enjoyable each time. They will know what you do and don’t like and have a relationship with you that means they are now only a travel expert, but your travel expert.

5. Great Protection

We all knew this was going to show up on this list. Let’s face it, it’s boring but travel protection is important. But, with a travel agent that your trust, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Financial and legal protection is something that travel agents must provide, but individual bookings may not.

In the case that something does go wrong, booking with a travel agent can be a life saver. And with great financial protection, the likelihood of something going wrong is even smaller.

Plus, if you book with a travel agent that is a member of Protected Trust Services (PTS) you have the guaranteed protection of the PTS travel trust account. This means that all the money you pay for your holiday will only be used to fund your holiday and profits won’t be released from the trust account until your holiday is paid for.  

Booking with a member of PTS means that whatever happens, you can know exactly where your money is and get a refund swiftly and efficiently if necessary. All you have to do is contact your PTS member and they can tell you where your money is, so you don’t have to worry if anything happens or you need to make an alteration to your booking.  

Ultimately, a PTS member means that even if the member goes under, your holiday will be fine. And they’re simple to find too. Just look for the PTS logo on their website, or search the business on ours.

Ready For a Holiday?

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re excited to book your next great holiday, don’t forget to get in touch with a PTS member for 100% financial protection through trust and expert assistance. Or, if you’d like help choosing one of the lovely PTS members to book with, contact PTS directly at 0207 190 9988. 

And if you’d like to learn more about your consumer protection with PTS and how the Package Travel Regulations protect your holiday booking, check out our pages and articles.  

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