Yesterday, on Wednesday the 18th of May, it was announced that Morocco has removed test requirements for all vaccinated visitors with immediate effect. 

The Moroccan government announced on the 18th of May that Morocco has removed test requirements for all vaccinated visitors and this change in restrictions would go into immediate effect. They clarified that this decision was made in response to the improvement of their epidemiological situation throughout the country.  

It was also clarified that they would not yet be exiting the state of emergency. This means that the authorities will still have the ability to take proactive measures and action if they see it as necessary for the country.  

Previously, the requirements for entering Morocco were as follows: 

  • Proof of a full course of Covid vaccination  
  • Proof of a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours pre-departure  
  • A printed and signed copy of the online form provided for entry  

As of Wednesday the 18th of May, however, Morocco has removed the test requirement, meaning that all vaccinated visitors will only need proof of vaccination and the online form that is provided. More detail about the requirements, Covid-related and otherwise, can be found on the Foreign Travel Advice website.  

With the summer fast approaching, this is fantastic news for travellers looking to get away to Morocco this year, with the restrictions even more simple and affordable than ever before during the course of the pandemic.  

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