In the past couple of years, PTS has been repeatedly approached by travel homeworker and independent travel agent businesses alike for a more profitable solution to sell travel with complete Package Travel Regulations compliance.

So, today, we launch an impressive new product and solution to experienced homeworkers that will disrupt the travel homeworking market as you know it.

PTS has led extensive industry research for development and soon realised that incredibly experienced homeworkers could be accomplishing over £500K turnover with ease but actually only earn as little as £18k a year. This just seemed crazy to us.

We appreciate that travel is not a high-income industry. But, when it comes to Independent Travel Agents and travel homeworkers, it is you that are the drivers. In our eyes, you should have the opportunity to earn to your full potential. In our opinion, consumers don’t book travel with just a brand, consumers book with the person. The sales person – The Independent Travel Agent or Travel Homeworker – is undoubtedly the most important element to sales and success of any travel business. It is YOU that is the key to success. So we devised the very solution so that you could start to earn in correlation with your success.

At PTS our question to solve was – how can we enable homeworkers to earn more?

Firstly, Let’s Explain Where The Travel Industry Is Today?

In light of the major travel agents, Thomas Cook, TUI, and the likes, now undercutting agent rates it leaves it impossible for Independent Travel Agents and Travel Homeworkers to compete.

At PTS we understand homeworkers and Independent Agents are miffed, to say the least. We understand your point of view – because of you and your support through the tough times the big travel agencies are in a stronger position today. But, we also understand why big companies are moving to direct sales. In short, online and direct consumer sales is the ONLY future.

Furthermore, many consortiums and homeworking solutions now prevent home workers dynamic packaging. Some companies have even gone to the lengths of making all homeworkers employees.

Consortiums are there to fully support a home worker and are there to help people looking to begin a career in the travel sector. As such consortiums give you access to all of their suppliers and the ability to sell under their umbrella. For this service, you can pay anything between 30% and 60% commission. For the travel homeworkers that are at the beginning of their journey, or for those that are content to pay this amount for the support – the existing solutions are great.

But, for the independent travel agents that are confident in their ability, want to be able to dynamic package, and would like to keep 100% of the commission then PTS has the ideal solution

The PTS Independent Travel Agent and Travel Homeworker Solution – Explained

The PTS solution is only available to experienced travel professionals who fit the following pre-requisites.

  • At least two years experience in the travel industry
  • Proven to be turning over more than £250k per annum
  • An existing client database or extensive marketing knowledge

PTS does not take a commission. The PTS business model is built for transaction fees so we take nominal fees per transaction for incoming and outgoing funds. This leads to an extensive drop in costs to the Independent Travel Agent and allows you to have more control and earn more personally. To compare take a look at our earnings comparison calculator on the dedicated Travel Homeworkers page.

At PTS we enable you, and fully support you, to set up your own ATOL for only £740 + VAT, arrange your own merchant facilities so you can take credit and debit card payments from £100 set up fee with exceptional card rates. Merchant Services solution for a travel business can be tricky but PTS makes it simple through effective partnerships with merchant providers.

Most importantly PTS has developed a bespoke software system for Independent Travel Agents and Travel Homeworkers to manage clients, manage bookings, manage ATOL certificates, supplier payments, diary system, notes system, reconciliation, and full access to supplier API links with discounted agency rates. And most importantly you can add any supplier you want to work with – PTS does not limit you to only work with their preferred suppliers. PTS want to enable our members and help you to be fully independent and as successful as possible.

Remember, we work on a transaction basis so the more transactions (bookings) you make the better it is for PTS. In essence, PTS is only successful based on your success.

PTS are excited to welcome Independent Travel Agents and Homeworkers and we look forward to helping you build your own brand and be masters of your own travel business.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please get in contact with one of Protected Trust Services’ (PTS) lovely staff members by calling 0207 190 9988. Or, you can visit our member support and travel trust account pages to learn more about how we protect you.

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