Currency Hedging At PTS

Currency hedging allows you to secure a fixed exchange rate with your future supplier payments, so you know your margin.

Without this, the margins some travel companies work under can be unpredictable and any fluctuation in the foreign exchange rates can cause great impact on the overall profit margin.

PTS hosts multiple currency trust accounts so your consumer monies can be protected in the currency you choose. Plus, PTS work with currency providers to secure the lowest currency rates in the market.

How PTS Support Our Members with Currency Hedging?

By working closely with an FX provider, we at PTS can offer you the best rates on currency hedging while you can sell at a set cost all year round.

At PTS, we understand the importance of setting out a margin at the beginning of the year, so that you can sell with security in this fluctuating currency market.

PTS create excellent relationships with our members. You will get to know our team well and can call at any time to arrange for your monies to be moved.

If you would like to find out more about how currency hedging works for a PTS member, check out our Currency FAQs page, or enquire with the PTS team today at

How You Can Manage Multiple Currencies with PTS

The innovative PTS software reconciles money daily – undoubtedly the key USP that PTS offers to our members. This means PTS members can manage consumer monies, supplier payments and profits in multiple currencies, in real time. Which us a key control point for any leading tour operator.

No other solution offers such real time control to their members. All PTS members must do is log in to the PTS system and with a few clicks you can manage your business finances in multiple currencies.

We understand the challenge of the currency market for today’s travel companies, and we offer full and flexible support.

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