Holiday Extras Luton Airport Parking Review

This August we flew from Luton airport, and as exciting as holidays can be, the boring and mundane chore of booking airport parking is a must. We booked our parking through Holiday Extras as a consumer, and chose the long stay car park, which was only a five-minute transfer from the main terminal. Normally, we would choose to meet and greet for ease, but as we booked last minute, the price difference was quite substantial! The parking for eight days was only £84 and was incredibly simple to arrange.

We did suffer one small panic when we were leaving the family home and our car failed to start, forcing us to switch to the other family car. Obviously, the second car had not been registered with the parking we had booked, but as we had booked through Holiday Extras, I simply used the Holiday Extras app on my phone and was allowed to register the second car at no extra cost. I completed this change within a minute, which was a very quick fix and a solution that we were all very grateful for!

The transfer was on a small minibus and the check-in was both seamless and fast. On return, we called the number they supplied to us and the minibus was there to collect us within five minutes. Altogether this was a great experience and well worth the price.

Luton Airport Clubrooms Lounge Review

Whilst on the Holiday Extras site, we also saw the new Luton Clubrooms Lounge offer. We had heard about its opening and saw this as a great opportunity to check it out. The hustle and bustle at any airport can be rather stressful – and, of course – rather costly! Food and drink alone can be extremely expensive in a departure lounge. For just £92, we could book two adults and two children into the Clubrooms Lounge for three hours, and we took full advantage of this. This price included the following: –

  • À la carte dining, a wine list, and classic cocktails (spirits, beers and soft drinks are also included)
  • Table service and runway views
  • TV to watch and plenty of magazines and newspapers to read
  • Free wifi
  • Self-service teas, coffees, soft drinks, bottled water, fresh fruit, cakes, and pastries

The Clubrooms Lounge felt luxurious and offered a quiet setting away from the noise of the departures area. It was an enjoyable experience and allowed the whole family to relax and enjoy the start of our holiday before even boarding the plane. The staff were also a delight and were incredibly helpful and attentive. When it came time to board, the departure gates were also within easy reach of the lounge, so we could stay and relax, all the way up until boarding was announced. The only thing that you should be wary of is that children under five are not allowed entry, and a smart-casual dress code is enforced, so don’t wear flip-flops to the airport if you have booked lounge entry!

Looking back, we are really pleased we booked the new Clubrooms, and I think there is a strong argument that it worked out more cost-effective than the hustle and bustle of the public restaurants in the departure area. Aside from the competitive cost, it was a very relaxing experience and definitely helped to start our holiday on the right foot. The modern décor and comfortable seating were fantastic, and the food and drinks were delicious and excellent quality. If you are booking your client’s flights from Luton airport, we would absolutely recommend you book the Clubrooms at Luton. They offer both basic packages and champagne packages, with the only difference for the latter package being the inclusion of champagne.

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