The PTS Supplier Database

  1. PTS has developed an innovative online system which services supplier management. Excellent supplier commissions and rates have been agreed for PTS members with travel experience.
  2. Agency Logins provided for PTS members to quote and book directly with suppliers websites under the PTS membership * Subject to travel experience.*
  3. All suppliers and agency booked suppliers can be added to the clients’ online itinerary within the PTS system saving on your admin processing time for paying suppliers and providing a client itinerary
  4. A continually developed system with new suppliers boarded by PTS each week. PTS members enjoy the benefits of our buying power with suppliers partnered with PTS.
  5. All PTS members can also add their own suppliers to the system. There is no limitation to supplier relationships.

Why Suppliers Should Choose PTS

  1. PTS members are fully PTR compliant and work through the PTS trust account.  This ensures financial security.
  2. PTS members are growing fast leading to more bookings for suppliers.
  3. The PTS system is easy to use and reports and booking management are clear. This saves admin time and leaves little room for error.
  4. The PTS marketing department works closely with our suppliers to encourage a highly successful relationship between the suppliers, PTS, and all PTS members.
  5. PTS is the fastest growing Package Travel Regulation compliance solution in the UK and Europe.

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