Very often, consumers assume or are led to believe that insurance for travel is exclusively for travelling abroad. This is not the case. Though domestic travel does not need cover for medical costs, it is still a valuable asset. However a consumer becomes misinformed, it is important for travel businesses working in domestic travel to advise their clients on obtaining insurance.

There are many benefits to having good insurance, whether it is a holiday abroad or a domestic trip. Travel insurance as a baseline is great to give a little extra money for, but it’s important to encourage consumers to look into the right insurance for their holiday.

Getting the cheapest travel insurance may not provide much help at all. For this, we recommend travel businesses point out the things a consumer may need to look out for when purchasing insurance. This could include any specific activities they’re doing, any valuables they may take, and situation-specific cancellation costs.

These points apply wherever the holiday takes place. The main difference between insurance for abroad and domestic, will be medical costs. As the traveller is remaining in the UK for a domestic holiday, medical costs aren’t a concern since they are covered by the NHS healthcare.

What Will Travel Insurance Cover For Domestic Trips?

Though it will not cover medical costs since these are covered by the NHS for UK domestic holidays, insurance will still cover some cancellation and stolen items costs. Whether a consumer needs to cancel their holiday due to illness or an unexpected event, or they’ve lost a valuable item that isn’t covered as part of their household property, travel insurance is valuable in these situations.

In these situations, if something is not covered by the Package Travel Regulations, insurance may be able to provide them with a way to get their money back.

It is important for this reason to encourage consumers to read through the terms of an insurance contract thoroughly before they sign it, and keep relevant information such as contact numbers on hand when they go on holiday. Finding the right insurance for them will depend on their holiday. Once they have booked a holiday, knowing their needs will make this process efficient and cost-effective.

Daniel Landen, Managing Director of PTS, alongside other travel industry specialists, discussed travel insurance for staycations further with The Guardian newspaper.

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