Member Support at PTS?

  1. PTS is a leading recognised brand in the travel industry. All PTS members are fully Package Travel Regulation compliant thus ensuring full consumer protection.
  2. PTS has strong partnerships with leading suppliers in insurance, merchant services, banking, marketing and much more. All PTS members have full access to PTS partners.
  3. PTS holds an ATOL franchise and is authorised by the CAA to offer franchise ATOL to PTS members.
  4. PTS has developed an innovative, market-leading travel software system that all PTS members have access to, to run their travel business. On average PTS members report to decrease admin by 40%.
  5.  PTS members have access to all PTS suppliers. Furthermore, PTS allow you to add your own chosen suppliers.

Why Choose PTS?

  1. At PTS we all pride ourselves on excellent member service. Our members’ success is directly correlated to the success of PTS. As such we work as a team with you.
  2. From application through to long term membership each member has full access to our team. If you have a query, call us and we will work with you straight away.
  3. PTS members save money and time through the PTS membership.
  4. PTS member travel companies grow faster and more productively with the PTS support and tools.
  5. PTS has all solutions under one roof allowing you a central point of contact to run your business. Insurance, merchant services, PTR compliance, travel business software, a portfolio of suppliers, ATOL, currency hedging and much more.
  6. PTS is the fastest growing Package Travel Regulation Compliance solution in the industry.

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