At present all of the UK travel industry are going through a lot of stress, anger, and uncertainty, surrounding travel guidelines and Government support. This day, the 23rd of June 2021, is our Travel Day of Action to speak up and get the Government to listen.

There is minimal support being offered, the green list is abysmal, and amber list is a mess, billions of pounds are under threat, and so many awesome travel businesses are staring in the face of losing their passion.

Not only for our members, but for all travel professionals across the UK, we at PTS are waving our supporting flag and doing what we can to help the whole industry get back on its feet. The PTS Team will be in London today to stand with all UK travel professionals and our members.

This is a huge test for us to be going through, and to all the companies surviving through it and not losing hope, we are incredibly proud, we will come out of this stronger than ever, more prepared than before.

And there is already some light on the horizon! Rumours are spreading about a better than before restart of travel on July 19th, 2021, with the possibility of more destinations to travel to, we could very well be cresting the wave in the near future.

For all of you that love travel,  go and high five a travel agent today – they need your support.

This is only the first step, as one of the biggest industries in the UK, we are asking for financial support as I write this, and all at PTS are taking part.

Our team are always here to support the industry, filled with travel experts giving back to travel with our love and support, we are backing all travel professionals today, we will be heard on this wonderful day of community.

From one-man-bands to teams the size of a town, if you are a travel business in need of support on this travel day of action, The Protected Trust Services Team stand with you all today and everyday.

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