At Protected Trust Services (PTS) we understand what success means to experienced travel agents. We also understand the value of a sturdy foundation and the proper tools to make that success the biggest and best it can be, and that is what we provide. PTS helps travel agents to succeed with our one-stop software system, independent trust account solution, expert travel knowledge, and the tools to help you build your travel agent business. Whether you’re a start-up or a veteran we can provide all the support you need to grow.

This includes meeting legal requirements for consumer protection through Package Travel Regulations Compliance. From the big to the small, whether you’re setting up merchant services, or using the PTS software for the first time, we are here to support PTS members and provide all the tools so that they can build their businesses however they wish.

Getting Set Up

New businesses looking to join PTS get a free business plan and cash flow forecast, alongside a free consultation. Designed to help you understand marketing costs, business costs, and profitability this is offered to help potential new PTS members get a well-informed understanding of how their business will work, where to put their money, and starts our members off on the right foot so they can work to success with minimal trip-ups.

We also assist our members in setting up merchant services for their business. Merchant services are what provide the ability for your consumers to pay online or over the phone with a credit or debit card. However, because travel is a higher risk business for merchant service providers, acquiring their services can be difficult or expensive for travel businesses. This isn’t true for PTS members.

With a PTS membership and the use of our independent trust account, acquiring merchant services is easier and comes at some of the most competitive rates on the market. PTS members achieve 1 – 1.3% rates on credit, and 0.25 – 0.35% on debit cards. Because the PTS trust account solution is more efficient, transparent, and financially stable than other solutions, it gives merchant services the confidence to work with our members.

We also provide advice on all corners of the business, from financial to legal, ATOL to insurance, and more, whether you’re a start-up and you just have a skeleton business plan when you call, or you’ve owned your business for years, we can get a feel for your business and how you want to run it and support you in making the best choices for your business. And once you’re set up properly with the confidence knowing you have everything you need right at your fingertips, you can focus on making your business awesome.

One-Stop Software System

The hub for PTS members is our one-stop software system. Designed by travel experts for travel experts, the PTS software system provides all the tools our members need to track, manage, and grow their business. Rather than having a few different systems, this combines everything PTS members need into one big, but easy-to-use, system. It includes:

  • Financial Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • User Management
  • Client Management
  • Client Itineraries
  • Booking Management
  • Diary Management
  • Travel Trade Supplier Database
  • Remittances
  • ATOL Certificates
  • Software Support

The PTS system has everything our members need and is flexible to different users (you can find out more about the many things you can do with the PTS software on our page). The only requirements are using the financial management system to process trust account payments, but the rest of the software is open to be used however works best for you and your travel agency.

Becoming A Protected Trust Services Member

Once you have become a PTS member at an application free of £999 + vat, we will work closely with you to get all the relevant documents to process your application and get you started as a PTS member. The documents you will need are as follows:

  • PTS Application Form (which includes your Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast, Profit & Loss, and your Opening Balance Sheet)
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of home address
  • Website and T&Cs
  • Proof of Business Bank Account

You will also need to have proof of previous experience in travel or an excellent business plan for your travel agency. Wherever you’re starting out, PTS prides itself on supporting an expert and experienced community of members.

And it’s quite that simple. We will proceed to go through applications for merchant service providers, Oayo, with you to get the best rates for your travel agency. We will also assist you in applying for an ATOL under our Franchise ATOL if and when you need it. And we will give you a tour of the PTS software with guidance on how you can get the best out of it. We will be there to support you in being the most successful travel agent you can be from the moment you become a PTS member.

PTS members are the best-protected travel businesses in the UK. But they’re not just the best protected, PTS members are also some of the most experienced, and friendliest travel businesses we know and we at PTS have great confidence in all our members and the businesses they have built with our support.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how PTS helps travel agents to succeed and how you can become a PTS member, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call our lovely staff at 0207 190 9988 or email

And if you’d like to learn a little more about how PTS supports our members or the great protection we offer both travel businesses and consumers under our travel trust account, please check out our pages.

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