PTS provides a solution to experienced individuals that are looking to work from home selling travel. Our new and innovative solution for homeworker travel agents is the most profitable way to work from home, selling travel in the UK. The package includes bespoke booking software, full package travel regulation compliance, a live API feed to leading suppliers, and your own ATOL. This is the complete package, including everything you need to run a successful travel business from home. What’s more, you will retain 100% of your profit, as only transaction fees will be charged!

PTS is different from all other products in the market that charge a high monthly fee, lock you into a yearly contract, limit you to selling a select range of suppliers, and give a large percentage of your commission to a consortium. We offer an affordable setup cost, low monthly fees and only charges on a per transaction basis, allowing you – the individual advertising and selling the product – to retain 100% of the commission (profit) on each booking placed. In addition, we never lock you into a yearly contract.

The PTS independent travel agent solution allows you to be just that – completely independent. At PTS we have in essence created the scaffolding and tools to allow you to run your own travel business and maintain your own well-earned profit, whilst ensuring you are Package Travel Regulation Compliant. You can add your own suppliers, you will have the complete ability to dynamic package and the ability to build niche packages that will give your travel business a competitive edge.

We offer a comprehensive software solution that has been designed by PTS travel professionals for each independent homeworker. We do not take a percentage of your commission, but instead charge a small transaction fee on both incoming (from consumers) and outgoing payments (to your suppliers). You can use the live API feed on the PTS system to book, amend and confirm packages, hotels or flights at discounted agency rates, and you retain 100% of the discounted rates. You are also able to add your own suppliers, whether they are a cruise operator or even a local activity supplier in Marrakesh. By using the suppliers you source yourself, you are creating your own unique packages for your customers, and these suppliers will stay on your PTS system for you to use and maintain for future clients and bookings.

PTS will enable you and fully support you to set up your own ATOL, arrange your own merchant facilities, and join PTS with an annual membership fee. All other costs are small transactional costs that we can discuss with you at length. We ensure that starting as an Independent Travel Agent with PTS is simple.

We are proud to say that we work with our members on a personal basis and build a relationship with them that is aimed at being long-term as well as profitable for both parties. The services and support we offer are designed to allow you, the travel home worker, to feel comfortable with the levels of support you receive, whilst retaining the profit you have earned. Furthermore, we offer workshops and seminars throughout the UK offering expert advice on marketing, social media, sales techniques, and travel industry laws, news & updates – attendance to which is free to PTS members.

The innovative PTS solution is currently only available to experienced travel professionals. To join PTS as an independent travel agent homeworker, we require the following prerequisites: –

  • At least two years experience in the travel industry
  • Proven to be turning over more than £250k per annum
  • An existing client database or extensive marketing knowledge

If you’d like to discuss being a homeworker further, please get in contact with one of Protected Trust Services’ (PTS) lovely staff members by calling 0207 190 9988. Or, you can visit our member support and travel trust account pages to learn more about how we protect you.

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