About Protected Trust Services – India

Protected Trust Services (PTS) was founded in 2006. PTS is a leading travel solution operating in the United Kingdom (UK) and is also an ATOL franchisee. PTS offers services to Indian based companies that do not have a trading entity in the UK but wish to sell travel to UK consumers. We assist in setting up a limited company, bank account, merchant services, and ATOL whilst giving you full access to our innovative travel software and full access to all our supplier agreements. PTS allows travel members to operate completely independently whilst Package Travel Regulation compliant.

To expedite the application process locally, Jazleen Consultancy Private Limited have been appointed as sole representatives in India. Approved to administer all applications from India with support from PTS.

Moving To PTS

If you are an existing travel company that is based in India and trades in the UK either through a travel consortium or, acting as an agent, then PTS would be in an excellent alternative. PTS membership would free you up to not only sell the products that allowed you to maximise your revenue but also to allow you to choose who you work with. PTS India does not restrict the suppliers you work with (flights, accommodation, transfers ect) all contracts are direct with you the member and there is no split on commission. PTS welcomes trading travel businesses and offers a new solution that allows you to increase profits and decrease admin costs. 

Starting Up

PTS offers an excellent travel solution for individuals or a travel group that are looking to set up their own travel company in India but aim to sell to UK consumers. PTS would assist in setting up a Limited Company in the UK, a business bank account and all products that would enable your travel business to trade directly to the UK consumer. All services and accounts would be in your name and not a third party so that you are in control of your business. PTS also allows you to use the agreements that PTS has already set up with suppliers that recognise the PTS trust account. PTS is a complete solution that offers a unique service to travel companies based in India.


PTS has developed a complete solution with an extensive services portfolio that is offered to all PTS members to take advantage of. PTS will support Indian based travel companies to sell to UK consumers.

Your Own ATOL Number

Get your own ATOL number and your company name on the CAA website.

Public Lability Insurance

Low cost access to the correct insurances to trade in the UK

Merchant Services

Access to your own merchant account in your trading name, low rates for PTS members

Currency Hedging

If you are paying out in a different currency than you are taking payments the hedging is advised.

Travel Software

Easy to use management of bookings including payments in and out.

Trust Account

Get your profit in advance of the travel date. With easy claiming of your money.


Access to PTS recognised suppliers allowing you to dynamic package or single products

Package Travel Regulations

Meet the EU package travel directive and UK package travel regulations

Consumer Protection

Provide your customers with consumer protection so they have confidence in booking with you

UK Business Bank Account

Open a UK bank account in your company name with a UK sort code and account number.

UK Limited Company Set Up

We will help you set up your Limited Company in the UK

Full PTS Support for India Based Members

Including trading address in the UK and accountancy services

Why chose PTS India

  1. Full UK and India support for all PTS members
  2. Full access to PTS’ innovative travel software
  3. Access to a UK bank account in your name and Limited Company set up
  4. Full Package Travel Regulation compliance
  5. Access to global suppliers with direct contracts. 
  6. You retain 100% of your commission and will be independent. 

What Our Customers Say

Since 2006 PTS has welcomed hundreds of tour operators and travel agents and we are proud to support you all through your development and growth.

Contact Us

We are always available for a welcome consultation to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

Email ask@protectedtrustservices.com or call 0207 190 9988 to have a chat with our friendly team

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