On February 14th, the Protected Trust Services (PTS) team were excited to launch the new PTS website, expanded after a lot of discussion with members and the team to provide a supportive platform for your consumers.  

Since 2019 PTS has seen a lot of changes and expanded exponentially, with more and more travel businesses and travel consumers looking for complete legal and financial protection in the travel industry. Since the rise of the pandemic, we at PTS have been working to cater not only to the support our members have required but to the needs and concerns of your consumers as well.  

Jacqui Cleaver, head of communication and marketing, told Travel Weekly, “with so many UK consumers now travelling with PTS financial protection we felt it was important that we now developed a consumer-facing site to support consumers and our members alike. 

“Also, with financial protection and peace of mind being a prime focus for many travellers today we have integrated the facility for a PTS member search, meaning that all consumers can check the travel company they are booking with is indeed a PTS member. This was a huge project and a great step forward.” 

“Protected Trust Services and PTS members are in a very different position today compared to pre-Covid. Our members have shown great resilience throughout Covid times and a positive rebound with some seeing huge growth and already exceeding pre-Covid sales levels,” added Mark Sutton, Managing Director.  

“We all agreed at the beginning of 2021 that the PTS website needed to reflect the new position of PTS within the UK travel industry and be more informative for both trade and consumers. 

“Brighter days are here for the UK travel industry as a whole and for all PTS members and we are excited to introduce our new website to support the trade recovery.” 

Now, with the new PTS website, your consumers can find out everything they need to know about how they’re financially protected when they book through a PTS member. From how we ensure members comply with Package Travel Regulations, to our ATOL services, how we protect their monies, why they should book with one of our lovely members and more.  

PTS members’ consumers can get advice on their bookings through our articles on the Travel Advice page and even search the PTS system for the company they want to book with to find out if they’re a PTS member.  

This new function allows consumers greater confidence in their booking with you, with this ability to simply search the business name on the PTS website.  

To support both you and your clients, PTS have separated information for consumers and information for businesses into two sites, so consumers can easily navigate to the content that will support them and find out what they need to know through us. Now PTS can not only support your consumers financially but on a front-facing level as well. 

The team at PTS are excited to be launching the new PTS website and provide that extra support for our members and your consumers alike. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about consumer protection or member support with PTS, check out our pages. Or, if you’re interested in becoming a supported member of Protected Trust Services (PTS), you can contact our lovely team at 0207 190 9988 or email ask@protectedtrustservices.com.  

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