How to claim and receive your profit payments from the trust account with the PTS software

Receive Profit

Profit paid to you automatically once your client has returned from their booking.

In Advance of Travel

With our Insurance policy in place, receive your profit in advance of the client’s travel date.


Date driven automated profit calculated for you within the PTS Software.

As the PTS Software reconciles each credit and debit transaction in and out of the trust accounts, each clients booking displays to you the live balance of money in trust. Once all suppliers have been paid from the trust account for a clients booking, you are able to claim your profit remittance from trust with a simple toggle button. Once you have toggled On to claim the profit, the PTS Administration department are notified that you wish to claim the profit and then reconcile the booking to a zero balance.

The Software will calculate your profit on each client booking based on all payments made out of trust plus PTS fees, plus any supplier failure insurances applied. The residual is your profit and will be checked the same working day by PTS Administration as well as the Trustee’s, before being sent to your business bank account as early as the same working day.

There is no requirement from PTS for you to complete any complicated forms or declarations to allow you to claim your profit.

The PTS Supplier Failure Insurance (SFI) allows you to claim your profit up to 30 days in advance of the clients’ travel date as long as all supplier payments have been made from trust. If PTS have not paid all suppliers from trust for any given client booking, then profit can not be claimed until the client had returned from the holiday/booking they placed with you.