Diary Management

Manage your clients and set diary reminders for yourself or other users

Manage Your Diary

Stay on top of your clients with links to Client files.

Schedule for Others

Set diary notes on Client files for other users in your company.

Daily Summary

The PTS software will email you your diary schedule of that days diary.

To assist in managing your clients, the PTS Software includes a client Diary section. You can set reminders to contact clients, confirm suppliers or collect payments from clients. The diary entries are also linked to your individual client files aiding in sales as well as client management keeping you organised.

Users are able to set up diary entries with any content and schedule them for a specific date and time for either themselves to contact the client, or you can set diary entries for other users in your company – for example a sale could be made by a Sales user, then the sales user sets a diary entry for an Admin user to contact the client on a specific date to collect payment from them.

Diary entries can be re-scheduled, marked as complete or deleted. The diary is displayed in an easy to view calendar highlighting to the user which days have diary entries, allowing the user to manage their diary entries for any given day or re-schedule should the need be.

The Diary Management allows software users to stay on top of their clients and workload through the PTS Software.