Client Management

If you are a travel company then managing your clients through PTS could not be easier. With our bespoke software designed to lower your time on client administration


Store all client details including contact information.


A full overview of all aspects relating to your clients from booking suppliers to your clients online itinerary.


Complete control over every aspect of your client in one area.

Client management could not be easier with the PTS Software included in your membership. The PTS Software is the only software in the UK that offers Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Homeworkers and Flight Only companies the ability to manage all aspects of a client from the point of enquiry to paying the suppliers whilst providing the user with all information pertaining to that client in one place and a secure log in interactive online client itinerary.

Adding a client to the PTS software is done within a couple of clicks and takes seconds to perform. Once the client has been added you are able to manage their contact information, the type of client they are, the destination or product they have enquired about or booked. The Software allows you schedule diary dates for you to keep your client management in order, you can add Notes to each client – either by freehand typing or pasting in important emailed information from the client which is time, date and user stamped to keep track of all interaction with the client.

At a glance of the Client page on the Software, you can see and manage the clients access to their online itinerary, see how much you are holding in trust for the client and in which currency as well as a summary of payment made to suppliers and fees for the clients’ booking.

You can also schedule the clients’ payments dates for when they are to make payments towards their booking and specify their price to pay and if there are any price increases or promotional free places included. This information is then displayed to the client on their online itinerary for transparency between you and the client.

The PTS software allows Managers, Users and Accounts departments to all operate from one easy to use online software.