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Joint PTS and Small ATOL Membership – Travel Business Solution

Protected Trust Services (PTS) is now offering a package that includes PTS membership and Small Business ATOL saving members both money and time.

This bespoke package is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized travel businesses. Small Business ATOL is now available to all PTS members.


The Joint PTS and ATOL Travel Business Solution offer the below benefits to travel businesses:

  • Reduced ATOL License fees for PTS members at only £740 compared to the CAA direct costs of £1161 for a Small Business ATOL (SBA) saving £421 purely in application fees.
  • The ATOL annual renewal fee is only £502 for PTS members compared with £1440 Small Business ATOL renewal fee when dealing directly with the CAA.
  • PTS Personal Account Manager – Your personal PTS account manager will deal directly with the CAA for you ensuring a smooth application. You will have no requirement to deal with the CAA directly.
  • Excellent knowledge of your company – Your PTS Account Manager will guide you through your ATOL application. They will understand your travel business and the finer details of your company and as such will have a solid understanding personal to you to be able to fully support you to save time and money.
  • PTS membership includes multi-currency trust account facilities, supplier failure insurance, profit in advance can be released to members – discuss with an Account Manager at PTS.
  • Merchant facility solutions arranged for you. PTS has strong partnerships with First Data and Global Payments. Your Account Manager will set up you merchant facilities for you. We offer multi-currency solutions, MOTO, and ECOMM.
  • PTS Travel Software – all PTS members pay £50 license per month for complete use of our bespoke software solution. We have built this solution for tour operators and travel agents to make running your business, simple and easy. We would highly suggest you arrange for a demonstration so you can see the incredible benefits of the new PTS travel software solution.
  • All reconciliation and audit information is automated for every booking which allows you to reduce back office support and time.
  • Adding your own suppliers – at PTS we are the scaffolding that allows your travel company to become bigger and more successful. As such we allow you to trade as an independent and you can add your own preferred suppliers.
  • API links for over 300,000 suppliers that you can use and book your travel packages.
  • Complete Package Travel Regulation Compliance without expensive bonding solutions.


The Managing Director of PTS, Daniel Landen has always worked to ensure that there is an affordable solution that works for travel companies of any size. Daniel stated, “ Whether you are a start-up or a large trading travel business, we have designed the PTS system and the entire PTS package to offer a Package Travel Regulation Compliance solution that is affordable. Most importantly the solution is driven by technology and this is what allows any PTS member to save money, work more efficiently and grow from strength to strength. Now, our Joint PTS and ATOL Travel Business Solution, allows any travel company looking to offer packages with flights a competitive solution unlike any other in the market.”

Daniel continued with “PTS has been voted to be in the Top 5 Travel Disrupt Companies by Travel Technology Europe this year and there is a good reason for this – PTS is the only solution offering a complete solution for travel businesses.”

“Furthermore, PTS is affordable and allows every business to be independent and work with any supplier they choose. PTS members want to be independent, PTR compliant, cost and time efficient and want to have the tools to grow and be the best they can be – this is exactly what we offer – A professional and affordable solution. If you are a ground-based travel firm then you can still take advantage of all PTS services, just without ATOL.”

“The PTS solution is unlike anything on the market and I would always strongly advise a travel business to call us, have a chat with us and arrange for a demo. The new PTS system was launched in Feb 2018 so if you haven’t seen it, give us a call.”

If you would like to discuss this further or for any other questions then please contact PTS on 020 7190 9988 or email –