Disruptions have been caused to many European flights to Africa this week as Niger has closed airspace due to military complications within the nation.  

According to reports this week, many European airlines were forced to make cancellations and delays on Monday following the closure of Niger’s airspace in the African continent. Some flights had to take detours of up to 620 miles to avoid the airspace closure. The shutdown of air space was reportedly caused by a military coup in July.  

Several airlines have come forward to explain, apologise for disruptions, and advise travellers on the situation. They are working hard to get travellers where they need to go as fast as possible, according to the media. Several reported longer flight times as a result, and some French carriers had to suspend flights until Friday the 11th of August.  

The closure of Niger’s airspace is causing further complications to many flight paths that are already altered due to disruptions in Libya and Sudan which are also experiencing political unrest.  

Due to the disruption, the FCDO have updated their Foreign Travel Advice page surrounding Niger to advise all UK travellers against travelling to the country for security purposes. The latest update on the matter by the FCDO said, “There are some scheduled commercial flights from Niger, but flights are being cancelled at short notice so please check with your airline before departure.  

“There has been a military takeover in Niger, which has led to protests and unrest. These protests may be violent and the situation could change quickly without warning. Due to the security situation, the British Embassy in Niamey is temporarily reducing the number of its staff.” 

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