Over 60 MPs this week have called for action from the UK government concerning SAF production. The call came from many avenues, demanding a price stability mechanism be put in place to encourage and support further production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs). 

This selection of MPs, most of which are Conservatives, have collectively signed an amendment to the current Energy Bill. This amendment will call on ministers of the government to bring in better financial support for those working on SAF production in the UK. 

This proposed amendment was originally tabled by Chris Grayling, the former transport secretary, and asks for the implementation of a price stability mechanism in order to support progress. This would have the government underwriting the price of SAFs the same way it does for nuclear energy and offshore wind power production. 

This is not the first time this call has been made to the UK government. Over the past months, many within the aviation sector have been calling for a change to ensure that a minimum price is set for SAF production to encourage fuel providers to create more SAF production facilities within the UK.  

The amendment was supported by the Future of Aviation Group of MPs which is chaired by Crawley MP Henry Smith and supported by many throughout the aviation and travel sectors. In opposition, the Climate Change Committee is doubtful that SAF is the correct path towards carbon reduction within the aviation sector.  

Currently, the Energy Bill proposal is in the report stage at the Commons and is waiting on its third and final reading. It includes proposals for energy production and security, energy market regulations and licensing, plans for carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production, new energy tech, offshore energy, and nuclear power. 

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