New data was released today (Monday the 12th of June) that revealed exciting news concerning the recovery of flight connections with the US via Heathrow that were drastically impacted during the Covid pandemic.  

The new data showed that Heathrow Airport has now overtaken its European competitors with an increasing number of US flight connections over various airlines.   

Published on Monday the 12th of June, the statistics displayed that passenger levels for Heathrow Airport in May 2023 increased to a fantastic 6.7 million. This lifted from the 6.4 million that was registered in April 2023.  

1.6 million of the 6.7 million in May were flying to North America from the major London airport. This comes after Heathrow has turned its focus away from European and East Asian flights with a much slower recovery time post-pandemic. The airport has instead turned its attention to the US and its increasingly growing market. The data shows that 248 flights are going into and out of the US on a daily basis.  

Many airlines have been encouraging Heathrow’s focus on the US market, including British Airways, which have added a new route between Heathrow and Cincinnati, Ohio.  

This news and rise in flights has come following disruptions in the aviation sector, with 1,400 security officers at Terminal 5 and campus security in Heathrow having striked for 8 days in May over pay and conditions. Industrial action in the airport is scheduled between June and August as well, with numbers looking to surge further following a hopeful resolution. 

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