The UK government has released its plans to invest millions of pounds in reaching zero-emission cruise travel within the next 2 years. The announcement specified cost, placement, and the goal of clean maritime technologies to improve sailing and provide a more sustainable, zero-emission cruise travel plan for the future.  

On Monday the 6th of February 2023, the Department for Transport (DfT) laid out their plan to invest £77 million into the investigation and application of zero-emission cruise ships by 2025. The aim, as stated by the DfT, was to reach this sustainability goal for cruise ships and ferries alike that are sailing in UK waters.  

According to this statement, the money provided will fund several different avenues, including a full transition to battery-powered, low-carbon (hydrogen and ammonia), and wind-assisted sailing vessels, alongside an expansion of the shoreside electrical power capacity and capabilities to assist this goal.  

A competition was stated to take place surrounding the infrastructure and creation of a multi-million-pound zero-emission cruise ship. Companies are invited to apply for funding in order to decarbonise onboard and shoreside technologies to reach this goal. This was stated to be the beginning of a commitment to a “green age for maritime travel, free from emissions”. 

The DfT said, “This is the first time in UK history the government is intervening to specifically target this level of funding on green maritime tech which is already well developed. 

“The funding will take the tech from the factory to the sea – identifying which projects will have a long-term impact in reducing emissions. Successful projects must show they could use this money to work with major UK ports and operators to launch a zero-emission vessel by 2025 at the latest.” 

Mark Harper, the UK Transport Secretary, said, “When it comes to tackling climate change, we are taking action on all transport modes, which is why we’re making sure our world-leading maritime sector has a greener future. 

“This multi-million-pound investment will help the latest tech ideas become reality and ensure UK waters will play host to green cargo ships, ferries and cruises in the next few years. Our funding will support a cleaner freight system, a more environmentally friendly tourism industry, and a net-zero maritime sector.” 

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