Your Payments Team

PTS has partnered with Your Payments Team to offer individual merchant services to PTS members. The majority of travel companies require the facility to be able to take credit card and debit card payments from customers but merchant facilities are incredibly difficult to secure. The travel industry is considered high risk so obtaining merchant facilities becomes an arduous chore and if success comes with the attachment of high charges.

However, PTS manage to secure credit card facilities for 99% of our members with the most successful rates in the industry. The Payment Services Regulation 2017 – Applicable to travel business came into effect in January 2018. Card charges are more important to consider than ever since it has become a further overhead and must be absorbed by the company and not the consumer.

“… PTS have been working with Your Payments Team now providing merchant accounts for PTS members. Your Payments Team specialise in finding the best solution for travel companies …”


Your Payments Team

The PTS compliance team work closely with Your Payments Team to ensure each PTS member’s application goes through as smoothly as possible. PTS  & YPT support each member every step of the way.

Your Payments Team develop innovative solutions to ensure payments are faster, safer, more affordable and more simple for both businesses and consumers. The PTS and Your Payments Team partnership is a key benefit for all PTS members

‘Shaping the Future of Global Commerce’

If you would like to discuss this further or for any other questions then please contact PTS on 020 7190 9988 or email

Your Payments Team