Universal Partners FX (UPFX)

Universal Partners are the fastest growing FX company in the UK, with over 20,000 corporate clients globally. Many of whom are in the travel sector due to their partnership with ABTA and PTS

How UPFX add real value to your payments

  • Same-day FX transfers sent via Swift payment network.
  • Zero wire fees on all international payments.
  • A dedicated account manager with over 10 years industry experience and a background in travel.
  • Bespoke FX solutions to protect your business

As a PTS member you will have a dedicated account manager to help support your business with a deep understanding of your objectives around currency. Your account manager has over 10 years’ experience in financial services as well as a strong background in travel both in the UK and overseas. PTS are contracted to favourable exchange rates to what you are offered elsewhere. Keeping all transactions “in house” also ensures a top level of security and if there are payment queries along the way you will have the support of both UPFX and of course PTS.

Security of funds is at the heart of what we do. We value transparency when dealing with large sums on behalf of our clients. Funds are always held in segregated client accounts meaning that as well as the protection offered by PTS, your currency is also safe with UPFX.

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“UPFX has proven to be a fantastic support to PTS members and they UPFX team and account managers take the time to understand each individual travel company’s requirements. This all makes a huge difference to the travel company’s profit margin.”

Mark Sutton – MD of Protected Trust Services.

Universal Partners FX (UPFX)