Prevention of Fraud In Trade (PROFiT)

Prevention of Fraud In Travel (PROFiT) was founded by Barry Gooch in 2009 to support both consumers and business to prevent fraud in travel. It is also a founding member of The Global Cyber Alliance. The GCA’s mission is to work together to eradicate systemic cyber risk.

Cyber security, fraudulent transactions and fraudulent business operators are monitored and communicated to the travel industry through PROFiT to help ensure the travel consumer is protected. It also ensures, that through leading travel companies collaborating with PROFiT we all work together to protect our members and travel businesses.

“…PTS are a fully paid up member of PROFiT and work closely with us to prevent fraud in the travel industry…”

Barry Gooch, Profit

Travel is considered a high-risk industry where fraud is concerned.

Protected Trust Services firmly believes in ensuring the travel industry is an open and honest market where security, profitability, advancement and trust are pinnacle concentrations. Consumer protection is the key in travel and PTS work tirelessly to support all travel companies and travel professionals to implement cost-effective solutions.

Prevention of Fraud In Trade (PROFiT)