The cold is truly setting in for some wonderful winter holidays, and for many, this is the season to indulge. But if you run a travel business, now is the time to start bracing for the flood of travellers just about fed up with this ‘never-ending’ winter wonderland and looking to book next year’s sunny, sandy getaway: peaks season is not that far away.

Regardless of what type of travel business you run, peaks, though it can vary, is a hectic and stressful time, even if you are completely prepared. That fact in itself makes it all the more important that you are prepared to take on the tide.

Plus, with many travellers already on holiday, or anticipating end-of-year festivities, now is the quiet time many travel businesses need to make those crucial changes that could rocket next year’s success far beyond that if this year. It could be as simple as getting an organisational system in place that suits your team better and helps them work more efficiently. It could be that you need an ATOL to sell the holidays you really love, or you want to make payments easier with card transactions.

There are many changes waiting to help your business thrive and now is the time to knuckle down and get ready for all the excited travellers coming your way.

At Protected Trust Services (PTS), the quiet moments in travel are our busier for good reason: when bookings are low, people are more confident in making a move and unlocking access to all the tools they need by joining PTS.

Now is the time to make that shopping list of things your business could truly benefit from, how about we start it together?

  1. An all-inclusive, flexible, and one-stop travel software system that allows you to do all your business in one place, completely coincidentally, that’s exactly what we provide at PTS
  2. A confidently and properly run financial protection system that provides transparency to both you and your travellers, just like the PTS trust account solution
  3. Competitive rates on merchant services, ATOL, and currency hedging that allow you to expand your traveller reach without comically high expenses to match, at PTS this means a small additional fee added to your membership that accounts for the extra tools you choose to utilise
  4. Access to an exclusive supplier database with deals just for PTS members and the ability to register your own trusted suppliers

As you’re getting ready for the tidal wave of customers to come in the new year, why not treat your business to the support it needs to truly grow to its fullest potential while remaining completely in your hands. At PTS, we ensure that every single member is independent and free to run their business however they choose, while still utilising the foundation of support we can provide.

So, if you would like to learn more about how your consumers’ monies are protected with Protected Trust Services (PTS) and how we support excellent travel businesses, check out our pages. Or you can contact the lovely PTS team by calling 0207 190 9988 or emailing us at 

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