As a golf specialist, your top priority is providing happiness to travellers who love golf as much as you do. And as a trusted travel support system, our top priority at Protected Trust Services (PTS) is ensuring you have all the tools and freedom you need to do just that!

Our team are enthusiastic experts that believe in what we do, and we could easily go on a long tangent about the benefits of becoming a PTS member, but that would do both us and you a disservice.

What we offer is simple, transparent, and game changing, just ask our members:

Since switching to PTS, we have not only seen a great response from clients who are looking for the most secure way of protecting their funds, but we have also benefitted from the supplier network offered and managed to reduce costs with bed banks and merchant services. I would not hesitate in recommending PTS to any other tour operator looking for a secure solution.

Glencor Golf LogoGlen Renton, Glencor Golf

Here at Golf Mates Travel PTS is a core part of the business as we are sending a large number of clients all over the world and we rely on all their monies being safe. As with any business, support is key when issues arise, and PTS have an excellent response and training service when needed. Together we are building our future to be a successful travel business using the best and most reliable platforms that are available.

Ian Cox, Golf Mates Travel

So, what exactly can we do for you? With a team of travel business experts on our side and an ever-evolving selection of flexible support to offer, we at PTS ensure above all else that your business is 100% protected, trusted, and in your hands.

Just a few of the benefits we offer are:

  • Complete freedom to control your own business, unrestricted

  • The flexibility to get the support you need without the restrictions you don’t

  • 100% profit retention and simple, affordable monthly fees

  • Security without high bonding fees

  • Use of our market-leading travel trust account

  • Bring your own suppliers and/or pick from our 200+ expanding database

  • Up-to-date and easy to use technology

  • Complete consumer protection for your peace of mind

  • Competitive rates on card acquiry and currency hedging

  • Software and API Intergration

Plus, when you become a trusted member of PTS, you gain access to our PTS World forum, joining hundreds of other PTS members and PTS supplier partners sharing exclusive offers just for you!

Want to find out if we’re the right fit for your golf specialist travel business? It couldn’t be more simple! Just get in touch with our lovely New Business Team with the details below, or pick a slot in their calendar to get a no-strings consultation call and find out what we can do for you.

Dave King
Grant Lawson

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