Following some confusion this week concerning the rise in energy costs and how businesses would be aided, it was reported that the government will begin to provide assistance with business energy bills in October of this year. 

On Tuesday the 13th of September, the Financial Times reported that government officials had previously warned businesses concerning assistance with energy bills. Businesses were informed that they would need to wait longer than households for assistance from the government’s £150 million energy package as there were difficulties with launching this support system for business energy bills prior to November. 

Following from this report, on Wednesday the 14th of September, the Financial Times and other media sources reported that a spokesperson for the government had retracted this statement. The spokesperson was reported as saying, “We will confirm further details of the business support scheme next week. The scheme will support businesses with their October energy bills, including through backdating if necessary.” 

Many businesses and newspapers have reported many concerns surrounding energy bills and support from the government. Reportedly, the prospect of weeks of delays is greatly worrying business leaders, with the end of fixed-price energy contracts coming to their close at the beginning of October. 

The support package for all of Britain’s households will begin to go into operation from October 1st, limiting the yearly gas and electricity bills of households to £2,500 on average. However, the government clarified that this is more complicated for businesses as there is no system in comparison to the rolling price cap that is already in place for households by Ofgem, the energy regulator. 

Many travel businesses are concerned about this change and how it could affect the coming winter season for travel, one which is expected to be busy with winter sun bookings from UK travellers. 

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