Following the recent developments in Sri Lanka and the subsequent updates to FCDO advice for consumers, the Foreign Office has released another update this week advising travellers already in Sri Lanka during the current state of emergency.  

Previously, the FCDO had lifted advice against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka in May but reinstated advice against all but essential travel this month, in July. This was due to political unrest in the country, involving protests for the current President of Sri Lanka to resign, alongside economic difficulties across the country. 

On Wednesday the 13th of July, the FCDO updated the advice on the Foreign Travel Advice page for British travellers already in Sri Lanka or travelling to the destination under their ‘essential travel’ guidance.  

The Foreign Office has warned travellers of the political and economic unrest and advised all travellers in the country to stay in their hotels and accommodations since a nationwide curfew was instated a few days prior. This came alongside a state of emergency that was declared after it was initially lifted earlier this month.  

The advice also informed travellers of a “major shortage” of fuel in Sri Lanka, alongside the country’s ambulance service has been “severely impacted” by the recent events and ongoing situations. The new curfew was imposed after several injuries amidst a protest. 

The FCDO advice read, “A State of Emergency has been declared and an island-wide curfew imposed. You should remain in your residence or hotel and not travel at this time. 

“Those with a flight ticket will be able to travel to the airport. Sri Lanka is experiencing a severe economic crisis which has led to shortages of basic necessities including medicines, cooking gas, fuel and food.”  

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