After the ban against unvaccinated visitors from outside the EU was extended by Spain last week, an exciting announcement has come out that Spain are set to relax Covid pass rules for visitors outside the EU ‘in a matter of days’.  

Last week government officials from Spain announced that the ban on unvaccinated travellers from outside the EU was going to be extended until the 15th of June. This news caused a lot of concern for the travel industry and travellers with summer approaching and Spain as a top destination.  

However, on Thursday the 19th of May, Spain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, announced that Spain will soon relax Covid pass rules for unvaccinated travellers.  

Reyes Maroto was reported as saying, “It will be a matter of days before we are going to eliminate a restriction that could be discouraging tourists from outside the European Union from visiting us, and that is that we are going to stop requiring the vaccination certificate to allow them to enter with a negative test.” 

This means that when they do relax the Covid pass rules, unvaccinated adults from outside the EU will be able to enter Spain with a negative PCR test. When this will come into effect is not yet known, but it is anticipated to be updated by Spain and on the Foreign Travel Advice page within a few days. 

Currently, the only non-vaccinated travellers allowed to enter Spain are children aged 17 and under. 12-17 year olds that are unvaccinated from outside the EU are allowed to enter Spain with a negative PCR test, and all children under 12 are exempt from entry and Covid pass rules.  

This news comes out after Spain recently lifted the health checks for their land border with France, meaning that unvaccinated travellers will now be able to enter Spain via France without needing proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result. This is also already true for the border of Spain and Portugal.  

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