News came out late last week that South Korea no longer have any Covid-related testing requirements for travellers upon entry to the country. This means no pre-departure tests or tests on arrival if you want to visit South Korea. 

Since Saturday the 1st of October, travellers to South Korea have officially no longer been required to take any Covid tests in order to travel to the country. This relaxation of entry rules is in place regardless of vaccination status. Neither fully vaccinated travellers nor unvaccinated travellers will need to take a pre-departure test.  

Since this news was updated on Friday the 30th of September, the Foreign Office have also updated the Foreign Travel Advice page to reflect the details of the relaxed restrictions so consumers can stay up to date on this destination. 

The updated FCDO page now states that arrivals in South Korea only need to submit a questionnaire with their condition of health. This must be submitted prior to travel, however this is the only entry requirement now in place for international travellers to the country.  

Many tour operators catering to travel in and to South Korea are excited to hear this news. South Korea is a fast growing destination for many young travellers alongside other Asian destinations such as Japan and Thailand. With the more open world for travel that is coming in 2023, this is a fantastic addition to the list of destinations now almost entirely Covid-entry-rules free for travellers.  

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