Following their announcement earlier this month that they would be removing all Covid related entry requirements, Saudi Arabia has reopened their visa-on-arrival programme that was originally instated in 2019.  

The visa-on-arrival programme in Saudi Arabia was originally opened in 2019 as they opened their doors to international leisure travellers in September of the same year. However, this programme was soon closed again when they went into lockdown in March of 2020 at the start of the pandemic.  

On March 6th, 2022, just under a month ago, Saudi Arabia abolished all Covid related entry requirements (which can be checked on the Foreign Travel Advice page) for international travellers. Vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers alike can now enter Saudi Arabia without needing proof of vaccination or a PCR test, returning to a pre-pandemic state of restrictions. 

Following this excellent news, Saudi Arabia has now reopened their visa-on-arrival programme, meaning British citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia can apply for a tourist visa when they arrive at the airport.  

British citizens can acquire a 12-month tourism visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia through the visa-on-arrival programme regardless of which airline they are travelling with. This makes it flexible, easy, and stress-free for consumers planning to travel soon.  

All travellers are also currently required to get Covid insurance when they’re travelling to Saudi Arabia. This can be purchased at any international airport on arrival. They are also required to wear face masks in enclosed public spaces.  

The tourism minister and Chairman of the Saudi Tourism Authority, Ahmen Al Khateeb, said, “Restoring the visa-on-arrival programme marks the final step in returning Saudi to a pre-pandemic level of openness and makes it one of the most accessible destinations in the world for leisure, business and religious travel. 

“This decision by the government will further support the many thousands of people who depend on tourism for their livelihoods while welcoming the world back to the destination with the warm hospitality for which the Saudi people are renowned.” 

He added, “Saudi has emerged from the pandemic with a burgeoning leisure and entertainment sector that includes some of the largest events in the world as well as a compelling cultural tourism offer and an increasing number of local companies dedicated to tourism.” 

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