News came out this week that after the great progress being made for their tourism industry, Jamaica will remove testing and most entry requirements for all travellers today. 

2022 has already proved to be a fantastic year for Jamaica, with the number of travellers choosing to visit skyrocketing and their tourism industry receiving a great boost in the numbers of 2021. 

Last month, in March, the Jamaican authorities removed the requirement for travellers to fill out a form pre-departure, a move that received praise and optimism as the flood of destinations removing restrictions was booming. 

Now, as of Friday the 15th of April, Jamaica remove testing for pre-departure. This means that no travellers to Jamaica will need to take a pre-departure test when they visit as of today (the 15th of April).  

Previously travellers to Jamaica over the age of 12 were required to take a pre-departure lateral flow test within 72 hours before travel. This rule has now been removed.  

There will, however, still be the potential for testing on arrival according to the Foreign Office. Those who are considered high risk may be required to take a test in arrival. This will most likely include people showing symptoms of Covid or people who have recently been in contact with someone who tested positive.  

Alongside the move for Jamaica to remove testing for travellers, they have also removed the requirement to wear face masks or coverings in public. Wearing face masks or coverings is still advised.  

“The requirement for travellers to present a negative Covid test prior to travel ends on April 15,” the Foreign Office statement read. “All travellers arriving in Jamaica may still be tested for Covid if assessed as high-risk as result of exhibiting symptoms, exposure to people who have tested positive, belonging to a high-risk group or other risk factors. Travellers may be screened for symptoms at the airport.” 

This is excellent news for travel businesses offering holidays in Jamaica and we can anticipate an even bigger influx of travellers to Jamaica with the removal of pre-departure testing requirements.  

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