Many throughout the travel industry have declared their excitement following the recent announcement this week that India will finally be introducing the e-visa scheme to the UK once again after a long delay.  

The news came out on Monday the 5th of December that the Indian e-visa scheme would be returning to the UK. Indian High Commissioner in London, Vikram Doraiswami, stated that it would not yet be specified exactly when the e-visa would return for UK travellers, but many India specialists in travel are already taking the news in their stride.  

During the Covid pandemic of 2020 and 2021, the e-visa scheme was suspended by Indian authorities, but this was reinstated earlier in 2022 for travellers from many countries, including the EU but not including the UK. In October 2022, India declared it mandatory for UK travellers to book an in-person visit at 1 of 9 processing centres across the country instead of applying through a specialist firm. This was followed by news in November 2022 from the Indian High Commission stating that they would introduce a door-step visa service in the UK to ease wait times.  

Only a week after the announcement of the door-step visa service, Indian officials announced that the e-visa scheme would be reintroduced to UK travellers ‘within weeks or even days’, a development that has been greatly anticipated by travellers and businesses alike.  

A video was released on Monday the 5th of December in which High Commissioner Doraiswami said, “This service will be made with you forthwith. That should enable friends from the UK to travel far more easily to India. So welcome back. E-visas are up ahead.” 

The High Commission followed this up by tweeting that it was, ‘delighted to confirm that e-visa facility will again be available for UK nationals travelling to India’. The tweet went on and said, “System upgrade is underway and the visa website will soon be ready to receive applications from friends in the UK.” 

Following this development on Monday, the FCDO has updated the advice and guidance on the Foreign Travel Advice page for travellers looking to visit India on the newly reinstated e-visa.  

The FCDO stated in its advice, “The e-visa service has now been restored and you can apply for certain categories of visas online. Check that you are eligible before you apply and apply in good time. Visit the Government of India’s e-visa website for details.” 

It continued with a warning for travellers that said, “Some international airports in India do not allow passengers to enter with an e-visa, and you will not be able to apply for any other visa upon arrival. Arrange your visa through an Indian high commission, consulate or embassy before you arrive. 

“All other visa applicants need to make an appointment online before submitting their visa application. Ensure you do this in good time ahead of your planned visit.” 

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