It was announced on Thursday the 3rd of March that the French vaccine pass will be removed from domestic use following Monday the 14th of March.  

After a long winter ski season where the French vaccine pass caused a lot of stagnation in bookings and created a large amount of testing for visiting teenagers from the UK, this is a welcome change.  

The French prime minister, Jean Castex, is the one who made this announcement two days ago (3rd of March). It was determined that the French vaccine pass or health pass will no longer be required to access any venues in France. This includes the removal of face-covering as a requirement in all indoor areas except for public transport, where it is still a necessity.  

“After a fifth wave of Covid on an unprecedented scale, the health situation has been improving significantly for several weeks,” Jean Castex stated.  

“Under these conditions, and while scientific models do not foresee any change in this favourable trajectory in the coming weeks, we can today announce new measures.” 

Due to the signs that Covid is receding in France, their restrictions are lighter than they have been for a majority of the past 2 years.

Adults will no longer need proof of vaccination and teenagers that aren’t vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated will not need to provide proof of a negative test taken. This is a big change for the ski industry in France as currently, teenagers need to test daily in order to access venues when they visit, creating a large cost for travellers.  

This change will also come in time for the Easter holidays, with ski businesses excited for a surge in bookings to top off their third winter during Covid with a bang.  

Currently, those over 16 years of age must provide proof of their vaccination status to access ski lifts, hotels, and restaurants. But with the French vaccine pass removed, this will no longer be necessary. Under 16s also need to show proof of a negative test taken within 24 hours to access these venues at present.  

Children under the age of 11 are not required to provide proof of vaccination or a test, and this rule is to continue with the changes that come on the 14th of March.  

Already, some travel companies have reported record-breaking sales for the beginning of 2022 in comparison with 2019, pre-covid stats, and with excellent news such as this, there can only be more to come. 

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