In a local announcement last week, face masks in Cuba have been reintroduced by the Cuban government after a noticeable rise in Covid-19 cases across the country.  

Face masks in Cuba have not been mandatory for tourists since the country fully opened its doors to travellers on the 15th of November, 2021. Since then, all airports in Cuba were reopened for commercial and charter flights with reduced frequency, giving UK travellers the chance to take a getaway to Cuba again for the first time during the Covid pandemic.  

In the announcement last week reintroducing the requirement for face masks in Cuba, the Cuban government stated that face masks will now be required on public transport, in medical settings, and for anyone, local or traveller, who is showing respiratory symptoms of Covid.  

On Friday, the 22nd of July, the UK Foreign Office (FCDO) updated the travel advice on the Foreign Travel Advice page to reflect the new requirements for face masks in Cuba. This page is kept up to date with all entry requirements and traveller requirements live. 

According to the updated Foreign Travel Advice page, using face masks in Cuba, alongside other face coverings, is “recommended” but not mandatory in all other settings after public transport and medical facilities.  

A spokesperson for the FCDO said, “On 19 July 2022, the government made face masks ’mandatory’ again on public transport and in healthcare settings and medical facilities, as well as for people with respiratory symptoms. Using face masks in all other settings is ’recommended’. 

“Visitors are allowed to hire cars but should check with the hire companies if they are open and have cars available, and where you can drive to under current Covid-19 measures, before making plans.” 

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