According to a recent survey conducted by On the Beach, a majority of UK travel consumers are booking up all-inclusive holidays for the winter while sacrificing on the choice of holiday in order to do so. 

This survey was conducted surrounding the current trends in 2022 for winter sun destinations, monitoring the most popular, the biggest spends, and the habits of travellers in 2022 in comparison with those of 2019. This report was released this week, showing that 57% of travellers to winter sun destinations have decided to travel all-inclusive rather than booking separately. This 57% is an 8% increase in the number of all-inclusives booked in late 2019, pre-pandemic.  

As the demand for all-inclusives has increased of late it has been observed as quite a big trend as it “becomes the norm” for many travellers to aim for an all-inclusive trip. According to the reports, alongside the increase in bookings for all-inclusive, there has been a parallel change in the number of travellers booking higher star-rated hotels. The OTAs recorded a 20% increase in bookings for five-star hotels in comparison with the results of 2019, following the steady increase in demand for quality travel that came with the removal of many travel restrictions and Foreign Travel Advice warnings from the FCDO.  

The survey results also showed some of the top winter sun destinations for UK travellers in 2022. Spain kept a firm hold at the top of the list, following on from many previous years. The Canaries alone pulled in 40% of travellers followed by the mainland of Spain with 17.2% and the Balearics with 8.5%. Over a third of the travellers heading for The Canaries were booking up for Tenerife which was followed by Lanzarote. In the Balearics the most popular booking spot was Majorca.  

Moving down the list, Turkey was the 4th most popular winter sun spot with 6.9% of travellers booking, Greece came next with 6.9%, then Portugal with 4.9%, Egypt with 3.8%, Cyprus with 2.7%, Malta with 2.5%, and Morocco with 2.1% of the travellers already booked.  

Turkey has seen a large rise in popularity recently, with this survey reflecting it. According to previous consumer research that was conducted, over 50% of British travellers have either visited Turkey or plan to visit Turkey within the coming 12 months.  

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