In an announcement from the local Tourism Board, Belize has confirmed that all Covid-related entry requirements have been removed for travellers from around the world.  

Following this announcement, all travellers to Belize will be exempt from showing proof of a full course of an approved vaccination programme or providing evidence of a negative Covid test taken before departure. All Covid-related entry requirements will be removed, allowing travellers to enter Belize under pre-covid levels of restrictions. 

Coupled with this announcement, it was also stated that travellers to Belize will no longer be required to purchase the appropriate travel insurance in order to enter the country. However, the Belize authorities still recommend and encourage all travellers to purchase the protection, in case of any medical and non-medical emergency expenses related to Covid during their visit.  

The details of the new entry requirements for Belize, Covid-related and otherwise, can be found by travellers on the Foreign Travel Advice page, updated regularly. 

“Now has never been a better time to book a trip to Belize,” said the Belize Tourism Board in response to all the Covid-related restrictions being removed, further describing the country as “perfect for those looking for adventure and culture with sustainability at its core”. 

“With a sun-soaked coastline dotted with exotic islands, wildlife rich rainforests, eco-friendly new dive sites, ziplining through the jungle, ancient Mayan ruins, and the second largest barrier reef in the world, there has never been a better time to grab life in Belize,” the Tourism Board said. 

A spokesperson for the Tourism Board also commented, “For a truly spectacular experience – perfect for those looking for adventure and culture with sustainability at its core. 

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