• saf-production

    September 6, 2023

    Government Provides Further Aid to SAF Production

    Once again, the UK government has extended its commitments to SAF production. Over the past year, demands and aid [...]

  • atc

    September 1, 2023

    Transport Secretary and Aviation Still in the Fallout of ATC

    Following the recent shutdown of Air Traffic Control (ATC) over the bank holiday weekend, aviation sector chiefs and government [...]

  • strikes

    August 25, 2023

    Strikes Threatened For First Time by CAA Employees

    In a first-time turn for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a large majority of employees working as union members [...]

  • tenerife

    August 23, 2023

    Improvements For Tenerife Wildfire Containment Begin

    The wildfires across Tenerife have seen a great reduction and level of control from local authorities this week, with [...]

  • august

    August 14, 2023

    UK Flights in August Come Close to 2019 Levels

    Though August has only barely begun, good news is already coming in troves. According to reported statistics released last [...]

  • niger

    August 9, 2023

    Niger Airspace Closure Causes Disruption Warnings

    Disruptions have been caused to many European flights to Africa this week as Niger has closed airspace due to [...]

  • low-budget-flights

    August 4, 2023

    Airlines Face Charges For Extras on Low-Budget Flights

    Reports have been released this week concerning several unnamed low-budget flights airlines that have been charged for breaches of [...]

  • saf-production

    July 31, 2023

    MPs Request Financial Aid For SAF Production Efforts

    Over 60 MPs this week have called for action from the UK government concerning SAF production. The call came [...]

  • heatwave

    July 21, 2023

    Heatwave Warning Issued to Travellers Visiting the US

    An announcement was released this week by the Foreign Office as temperatures across the United States have come to [...]

  • peru

    July 17, 2023

    Peru Has Declared State of Emergency Amid Unrest

    Following some political unrest and several declarations of protest, the authorities in Peru have put in place a new [...]

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