The PTS Software has the full flexibility to allow you to book with any supplier you choose to. There are no limits.

If you are a travel Home Worker or Travel Agent with travel experience you will have access to all the supplier agreements through PTS with excellent commission rates agreed. Supplier types available include and are not limited to; Accommodation (Hotels, Apartments, Villas, House Rentals, Studios, and more), Attractions, Ticketed Events, Activity Centres, Excursions, Flights, Package Holidays, Airport Transfers, Vehicle Hire, Cruises, Eurostar and other rail travel. Every aspect of travel is covered.

If you have your own unique suppliers like a Tour Operator would have, then you can bring these to the PTS Software if you are an existing trading Tour Operator, or you can build your supplier database from scratch within the PTS Software. All suppliers you add to the PTS Software are fully maintainable by you and available only to your company. Adding a supplier could not be simpler with an easy to complete page for each type of supplier.

There is no limit to the number of suppliers you use or add to the PTS Software, they are your suppliers to manage. You can manage the full contact details of your suppliers as well as maintaining their confidential pricing with you along with their banking details to make payments. When you instruct PTS to make a supplier payment to your suppliers through the Software, the PTS Administration department will check the invoice you have uploaded and contact the supplier directly to verify we are paying the correct bank details. The trustees will also perform their own checks on the PTS Software before authorising the payments to your suppliers.

Any suppliers you book with will be added to your clients’ booking which in turn displays on the clients online itinerary for your client to access securely anywhere they have access to the internet with a laptop, computer, smart phone or tablet.

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