PTS Administration department perform a daily import and reconciliation on all currency trust accounts to provide the PTS Software with a mirrored version of transactions in and out of trust. The daily reconciliation allows you to monitor debit and credit transactions in the most accurate environment in all currencies you have access to. This also allows you to pay money from the trust accounts in the most timely fashion keeping the need for book keepers or accountancy costs to a minimum.

All client card transactions you process via Opayo are batch imported into the PTS Software and will automatically allocate to the clients’ Money page. As clients are human beings, all may not add their correct client reference to their card payment, therefore the PTS Software will hold these unassigned card credits on the Unassigned Credits page in the Software where you can assign these credits to the correct Client(s). The same applies for any clients that pay into the trust account via bank to bank transfer, cash or cheque. These unclaimed credits will appear on the Unclaimed Credits page on the Software for you to Claim and Assign to the correct Clients. PTS Administration department perform checks on any Claimed bank transfer, cash or cheque credits prior to allowing them to be assigned to a specific client.

The daily reconciliation of the Trust accounts is monitored by independent trustee’s for your further financial security.

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