In an ongoing discussion started among French authorities last week, news has come out that further France restrictions to elements of the aviation sector may be coming soon, adding private jets to those restricted. 

Previously, in April of this year, the French government implemented a ban on all short-haul flights that had an alternative train or bus journey under two and a half hours in length. France restrictions such as this were put together in aid against the ongoing energy crisis and sustainability efforts to reduce global warming.  

To further aid this effort, the new proposed France restrictions against private jets, including a ban on some flights, have been suggested. The French transport minister, Clement Beaune, spoke in favour of this effort and told the daily newspaper, Le Parisien, “We should act to regulate flights on private jets. Some types of behaviour are no longer acceptable.” 

Beaune commented further on the frivolous use of private jets “just for the comfort of individuals” and suggested that these new France restrictions on private jets would fall in line with previous rules that called for more public sacrifices. He attested to the fairness of this addition, with private jets providing a large culprit for pollution in travel. 

Though many of the details of the potential France restrictions are yet to be specified, it was stated that the government intend to raise taxes on private flights and potentially ban flights to any destinations that are served by railway or scheduled airlines. It was claimed that some companies may be required to publish the detail on their use of private aircrafts.  

The French government have also clarified their intention to push for EU-wide action on this love at the EU transport ministers’ summit in October of this year.  

In 2019, before the Covid pandemic, it was reported that 1 in 10 departing flights in France were private jets, this was despite the fact that private jets provided multiple times the pollution per flight than a scheduled airline. This was slim in comparison to the data released by ACJ specifying that 63% of the world’s private jet fleet is in the US, with private jet purchases rising in numbers since the pandemic.  

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