Starting A Travel Business

PTS specialise in helping companies set up in the travel industry with Software, Merchant Services, Package Travel Compliance and travel expert support.

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New travel company joining PTS

PTS is here to support new travel companies. Our speciality is helping travel companies start out in the travel industry.

PTS work with new travel companies to include, online travel software, live availability (through API), Merchant Services, and Package Travel Compliance. We also pride ourselves on offering helpful advice in all areas including Marketing and Business support. PTS is the only company in the market to offer a whole solution for travel trade.

Call 020 7190 9988 to discuss your business requirements.

PTS is the only solution in the market that offer all services required when starting your own travel business as well as an online system that allows you to grow whilst maximising profits and providing a solution whether it is a travel agent or niche travel operator.

When you are looking to open a tour operator, or travel agency, finding a solution that also allows you to start trading and grow in your chosen field is essential.

Protected Trust Services has developed a whole solution over many years of development based on feedback from individuals and companies in the travel industry. Our solution is the only solution in the industry with every element you require under one roof which is the reason so many tour operators join PTS.  Starting a travel company can seem incredibly daunting but it needn’t be. PTS prides itself on being the most simple and cost-effective solution in the industry.

PTS offers solutions for the barriers you will face.

One of the largest challenges a travel company can face is acquiring merchant facilities because merchant providers consider the travel industry to be high risk. However, by becoming a Protected Trust Services Member PTS will help you gain merchant facilities which will allow you to take credit and debit card payments both online and over the telephone. 99% of PTS members are successful and the PTS team will complete the application with you.

The PTS trust account is a trusted model for Package Travel Regulation compliance and consumer protection in travel. The PTS trust account is managed and run by independent trustees at an independent accountancy firm to ensure client’s monies and PTS members monies are 100% secure. All payments are reconciled and authorised by the back office PTS software package that all members have a license to use. The daily reconciliation will deplete each PTS members bookkeeping and annual accountancy fees whilst making payments simple and easy to manage.

The Protected Trust Service Software is offered to all PTS members for a nominal, affordable monthly fee. PTS members have estimated that our bespoke travel software solution saves their travel company approximately 40% of back-office costs. Client relationship management, quoting and invoicing, incoming and outgoing payment management and reconciliation, supplier management, itinerary and booking management are just some of the facilities within the PTS travel software solution.

Insurance options for new travel business start-ups can also be a minefield. Protected Trust Services can direct you to some partner insurance companies that offer extremely competitive policies.

The PTS team offer a complimentary consultation to discuss business plans, websites, and ideas that new travel businesses find very useful.

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