Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the statutory corporation which oversees and regulates all areas of civil aviation in the UK.

The CAA is a public corporation that was established by the British Parliament as an independent specialist aviation regulator in 1972.

The CAA and Air Travel Trust (ATT) control and manage the ATOL holiday financial protection scheme. If your travel business is planning to sell flights then you will need to apply for an ATOL to ensure you are regulated – this is a legal requirement under Package Travel Regulations.

Protected Trust Services is an approved ATOL Franchisee and PTS members can gain a cost-effective, bond-free, Small Business ATOL through PTS. When applying directly through the CAA a £50,000 bond is required alongside share capital. PTS members do not have to supply this as the CAA and ATT both acknowledge the PTS trust account as a secure solution, ensuring that PTS members are trading in a fit and proper manner.

To apply for a small business ATOL through PTS, it is simple. Once you have become a PTS member, you will then fill out your ATOL application and PTS will support you with this and speak directly to the CAA on member’s behalf. A one-off application fee of £740 is paid and this is paid directly to the CAA. For every passenger, there is a £2.50 charge by the ATT which all ATOL holders must pay.

PTS charges a minimal £25 ATOL management fee per month. PTS will allocate you a personal ATOL consultant within our office to assist you from beginning to end. You have no requirement to pay for an external ATOL consultant – PTS deal with everything for you.

The benefits of gaining your ATOL through PTS are not just financial. ATOL regularly require strict financial information for auditing purposes and the PTS software system allows you to easily extract this information through reports that mirror your travel business’ activity. Furthermore, all ATOL certificates for each consumer, which must be supplied by law, are automatically populated by the PTS system.

Civil Aviation Authority

“…PTS hold a ATOL franchise with the CAA which allows PTS to offer ATOL to our members for only £740.00…”

Daniel Landen, PTS Managing Director