European Tour Operators Association

PTS Has Joined The European Tourism Association (ETOA)

At Protected Trust Services we strive to offer our members a complete solution that will allow their tour operator business, or, travel agency, to thrive and enhance profitability.

The European Tourism Association (ETOA). ETOA is the leading trade association for tour operators and suppliers with business in European destinations.

European tourist boards, tourism suppliers, attractions, and accommodations are just some of the suppliers that are looking to work with tour operators and travel agencies throughout the UK. Through becoming an ETOA member, tour operators and travel agencies can easily network, directly speak with and build good business relationships with a plethora of wholesalers, intermediaries and online operators.

PTS has seen many of our members looking to expand their portfolio of destinations or packages. ETOA membership is an excellent avenue to allow you to gain the contacts and business relationships with the very suppliers you need to expand your product range.

“ETOA offers an unparalleled networking/contracting platform for tourism professionals organising B2B events (BIMHEMCity FairGEM).  The organisation provides advocacy support on a European level, high profile industry campaigns and B2B marketing representation opportunities; all in order to promote Europe as a number one tourism destination.”


The Benefits of European Tourism Association (ETOA) membership to a Trading Travel Business

For any trading travel business, a support network and strong business relationships are key to growth. The issue in travel tends to be the time and money it can cost to go and source the suppliers and meet them in their home countries. ETOA, works tirelessly to bring the European travel community closer together to encourage expansion and great working relationships.

The Benefits of European Tourism Association (ETOA) membership to a Start-Up Tour Operator

If you are starting as a tour operator and looking to gain more suppliers to expand your ideas and package portfolio then the ETOA B2B events are an excellent vehicle to meet the very suppliers you may require for your travel company.


To appreciate the vast benefits of becoming an ETOA member take a look at their website – ETOA

We are very excited to also announce that ETOA and PTS have worked together to offer both PTS and ETOA exclusive offers to each other’s services. To discuss this further do email 

At PTS we believe in the power of networking and being able to reach the suppliers and businesses that enable your tour operator or travel agency to grow. The more we can do to support you, the better. ETOA membership is just one of the avenues we have put in place to support our members further.


If you would like to discuss this further or for any other questions then please contact PTS on 020 7190 9988 or email –